Patrol Services - The core of PSF Operations
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Privateer Patrol Services: Unbeatable Security, Unmatched Technology

Elevate your security experience with Privateer's Elite Patrol Services. We're the only security company in Arizona that blends cutting-edge technology with world-class personnel. Customize your patrol duration, amplify your security, and experience peace like never before.

The Privateer Advantage

Our Patrol Specialists come equipped with the pinnacle of security technology. Capture every moment with our 4K Ultra-Clear HALO Body Cams and In-Vehicle Vantage Dash Cameras. Be in the know, be in the clear.

Skyline Communication Hub

Stay connected with our revolutionary PTTOC Radios operating on a robust 5G network. Backed by our 24/7 Live Dispatch Center, our communication ecosystem leaves no room for errors.

Rolling Fortresses

Every patrol vehicle is a beacon of security featuring state-of-the-art IllumiGuard Lighting Technology, visible from miles away. Packed with our Full Sail Onboard Computing, benefit from real-time GPS, digital reporting, and instant license plate recognition.

Eagle Eye Drone Patrols

Our Patrol Specialists have the sky on their side with our pocket-sized DJI Mavic Mini 2 Drones. Providing aerial reconnaissance on-demand, we give you an all-seeing eye.

Tailored & Transparent Pricing

Our patrols are flexible, customizable and sold by the minute. Pay only for what you need. Encounter an incident? Our unique Incident Blocks and Flat Rate Fees ensure you never face any insurmountable financial surprises due to security incidents.

Add-Ons for Comprehensive Security

X-Tra Duty Enhancement

Extend your patrol's capabilities for just $139.99 a month. From lock-up procedures to hauling valuable assets, we redefine the scope of a patrol service.

24/7 Emergency Response

Get three on-demand patrol visits anytime for just $59.99 a month. From burglar alarms to emergency incidents, we guarantee rapid response and resolution.