Static Post Services

Static Post Security Services: Unparalleled Protection

Experience the reliability and peace of mind provided by our Static Post Security Services. This premium offering ensures that a dedicated Privateer is assigned to your location for a specified number of hours, delivering unwavering protection and proactive security measures.

Our commitment to excellence begins with a complimentary, in-person consultation conducted by our expert risk assessors. Using our innovative patent-pending RiSkore risk assessment system, our assessors thoroughly evaluate your premises to identify potential vulnerabilities and security needs.

Following the assessment, you will have a detailed discussion with your dedicated Privateer representative, delving into the findings and determining the optimal security solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Once the necessary paperwork is completed and you are entered into our advanced computer system, we deploy a supervisory Privateer to your location temporarily. This supervisory Privateer rigorously tests the post orders in action, meticulously examining and alerting their high commander of any potential risks or pitfalls that warrant attention prior to the assignment of your permanent Privateer.

During this crucial phase, we carefully select the most suitable Privateer from our pool of highly skilled assets. The chosen Privateer undergoes rigorous testing, comprehensive training, certification, and continuous education upgrades to ensure they perform at their utmost capacity.

After a brief period, the supervisory Privateer successfully concludes their duties and seamlessly hands over the post, equipped with fully developed post orders, to your permanent Privateer.

PSF Posted Privateers: Uncompromising Protection

At PSF, we offer two types of armed Posted Privateers, each designed to provide unparalleled protection:

Uniformed Privateer
  • Powerful authoritative presence to deter disorder
  • Equipped with radio communication device, creating a professional audible deterrent and allowing the Privateer to call for assistance and scale the security force as needed in response to a threat
  • Equipped with a visible external body camera, which works both as a powerful deterrent and an indispensable evidence collecting and liability mitigation device
  • May openly wear body armor and openly carry defensive devices
  • May function as customer service based on uniformed status
  • May deploy automated (drone) technologies to assist in premises surveillance
  • May use a marked patrol vehicle, computer, and other accessory tools of the trade
Plain Clothes Privateer
  • Covert presence to interdict disorder
  • Equipped with covert radio communication device, allowing the Privateer to call for assistance and scale the security force as needed in response to a threat
  • May be equipped with discrete / covert body camera, pen camera, button camera, etc - which works as an indispensable evidence collecting and liability mitigation device
  • Conceals all body armor and defensive devices
  • Maintains a highly covert presence to avoid detection and identification as a security presence
  • May use covert surveillance and signalling equipment to assist in discrete security operations
  • May use an unmarked or low-profile patrol vehicle, computer, and other covert accessory tools of the trade.

Drone and Automated Technologies


Privateer utilizes automation and drone technology whenever possible to maximize the effectiveness of our assets in the field.

In addition to quadcopter drones, our privateers may utilize portable surveillance camera systems, motion detection devices, wireless summoning devices, sound enhancement devices, night vision, optics and other technologies as applicable to assist the privateer with the performance of his or her duties. The use and mastery of these technologies allow our professionals to employ powerful security solutions that are efficient, cost effective, and highly impressive.